$12m funding: This is how our journey continues

We’re thrilled to announce that we raised $12m in Series A funding led by Begin Capital! Here, we would love to share our next steps/plans for the future.

First things first: we couldn’t be more grateful to our partners for supporting us up to this point and continuously inspiring us to improve and extend our all-in-one platform built exclusively for the experience economy. Thank you for trusting Convious! 

Why did we raise funding?

When we began building our software with a couple of launch customers it was very clear the experience industry did not have access to the right tools and services that allow them to be a step ahead of the competition. Stuck in a world of legacy code, dinosaur vendors and point solutions they were in firefighter mode trying to get through the day and not focusing on all the nice-to-haves or fancy improvements.

And we still see this today. And it’s also the main reason why we’re here at this point. It’s not just about ticketing software, it’s not about conversion optimization, food and beverage tools or native apps. It’s about making the experience better throughout every aspect of the business. Visitors, employees and partners are all elementary in the success of any attraction, museum, aquarium and any operator alike.

Yes, our holistic approach to deliver a simple to use end to end platform for all these involved has been spot on since day one. Which is why our partners have seen incredible growth by using our platform. All this together ultimately translated into a triple digit growth over the last 3 years, 4 if I count 2021.

The demand for our platform as well as for new features and integrations is larger than we ever imagined. In order to extend our product at a fast pace, expand into new markets and be able to bring our services to a next level, we raised $12m in a series A funding round.

What’s next

We will double our team across all key departments so we can accelerate our roadmap and deliver on the Convious promises: Better results, better experiences, less manual work.  For example; the platform will continue to expand in areas such as financial, Inventory and personnel management. We will also introduce our own payment platform, tailored to the experience economy.

Furthermore, we’re expanding our company in the UK, France, Germany and the US with local teams to serve our market better.

More information

We can imagine that you are even more curious about the series A funding. Please read our press release for more details or contact us directly.