Prepare your team for the day: 5 Tips for increasing efficiency during high season

High season can be a challenging time for any visitor attraction venue, with fluctuating visitor numbers and high staffing demands. To help your team stay efficient and prepared, here are five key strategies to implement.

1. Make data-driven decisions

Most visitor attraction venues often face high fixed costs and fluctuating visitor numbers between peak and off-peak days, leading to significant variable staffing costs, among many others. Making data-driven decisions can help manage these challenges effectively. By making the most out of data analytics, you can gain better insights into visitor patterns, staffing needs, and operational efficiencies. 

This enables you to make informed decisions that optimize resources, improve visitor experience, and enhance overall results. Utilizing data analytics to understand visitor trends and optimizing staffing based on peak and off-peak periods can significantly boost efficiency. Implementing strategies based on these insights allows you to improve operational performance and achieve better results.

2. Streamline your communication

Effective communication is crucial in a visitor attraction venue, where various teams with different roles need to work together seamlessly. With teams spread across the venue, it's essential to ensure everyone is updated with the latest information and prepared to address immediate issues. 

Streamlined communication can be achieved by using the right tools, automating processes, and managing communication from a centralized platform. Implementing communication tools that facilitate real-time updates and automating routine communication tasks can save valuable time. Additionally, centralizing communication management ensures consistency and helps keep everyone on the same page, which is vital for smooth operations.

3. Use Dynamic Pricing

Dynamic pricing can significantly impact visitor flow and revenue management. For example, during our webinar, Erlebnis-Zoo Hannover revealed that around 50% of their visitors still prefer buying tickets at the gate, leading to long queues on busy days and low attendance on quieter days. By offering lower prices online compared to gate prices, and adjusting prices based on historical data, you can encourage online bookings and manage visitor numbers more effectively.

Dynamic pricing strategies can balance visitor numbers, leading to a more evenly distributed crowd and an improved visitor experience. Offering lower prices online helps reduce gate queues, while using historical data to identify busy and quiet days allows for better visitor management. 

If you want to know more about dynamic pricing, make sure to check out the full guide to understanding dynamic pricing.

4. Equip your visitors with self-service options

Empowering visitors with self-service options can greatly reduce the burden on your staff. One effective approach is to develop and promote a mobile app that provides visitors with answers to frequently asked questions and other essential information. This not only enhances the visitor experience but also allows your team to focus on more critical tasks. 

Developing a mobile app that offers self-service options, such as FAQs and essential information, can significantly reduce staff workload. Promoting the app ensures visitors are aware of its features, leading to improved visitor satisfaction and allowing your team to concentrate on more important duties.

5. Try new ways of recruiting

To strengthen your team during the high season, consider revising your recruitment process. Focus on highlighting the unique and enjoyable aspects of working at your venue. For instance, working in the presence of animals or having access to rides and attractions can be enticing benefits. Leveraging social media platforms can also help you reach a wider audience and attract talent who are excited about the unique opportunities your venue offers. 

Emphasizing the unique and enjoyable aspects of the job can make your recruitment efforts more appealing. This, along with using social media to attract new talent can broaden your reach and bring in great potential talent who are enthusiastic about the opportunities your venue has to offer!

Implementing these five strategies can help your team stay efficient and prepared during the high season, ultimately leading to a smoother operation and a better visitor experience. By making data-driven decisions, streamlining communication, utilizing dynamic pricing, equipping visitors with self-service options, and enhancing your recruitment process, you'll be well-equipped to handle the challenges of the high season.

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