Busy times at Convious: Our practices to help

Industries are in flux. External influences are causing environments to change, requiring us to be reactive and extremely flexible. The leisure industry has been hit heavily by the current developments and measures governments, and the general public is taking to minimise the impacts brought by COVID-19.

We, too, decided to take an active part in helping  our partners, and the leisure industry, and to navigate them through the rough waters we are experiencing.
Many of our partners are struggling to think of a next move, trying to find out how to handle safety and resources. While dealing with the most pressing consequences of the current situation, it is just reasonable that you can not think of everything at once.

As a result of seeing this reoccur among our partners, we asked ourselves: what exactly can we do to help? The answer is impactful. 

Looking at our tools, we see they allow not only adaptability and clear communication through this uncertain time, but they also plant the seeds for a steady and immediate bloom, once we regain the industries' stability. 

Right now, our minds and our tools are focused on how we can help you to save your season. 

Next to dynamic pricing, which will be an ultimate tool in balancing out losses, here are 4 of the practices we are currently repeating: 

1. Converting dated tickets into undated tickets and extend season passes

First, instead of closing down a partners' checkout entirely, resulting in ensured 100% loss, offer our software offers the possibility to sell undated tickets instead of dated ones. Many partners decided to give those tickets a validity of two years, but our software will listen to your wishes, if it is two, five or even ten.

This will guarantee at least a partial income based on expected future visits.

We also enable the promotion of those undated tickets to guide the customers towards this possibility within the checkout. 

But how about the tickets that have already been sold and can not be redeemed, you wonder?
To ensure cancellation rates and thus, the loss is kept at the lowest possible number, we were able to migrate already purchased tickets and season passes into undated tickets as well. 

If desired, our order management section also allows easy and quick date changes.
Making the partners' customers happy by giving them a chance to use their ticket in the future, but also ensuring the partner does not lose income or a customer. 

2. Communicating change

Our CRM tool(s) makes it simple to reach out to all customers and allows transparent and continuous communication in times of uncertainty. 

Thus, we give our partners the ability and control over their communication; for example, the conversion into undated tickets by contacting each affected customer through email, leaving no confusion about the validity of their tickets. Customers are informed and feel cared for - because they are!

3. Straightforward messaging

When potential visitors visit our partners' site, they must be immediately informed about the current status of the venue. So, we use our smart communication tools such as the Wonderbar to make prompt and clear messages as visible as possible on our partners' website. 

Check out how SEA LIFE Scheveningen and KINboat Amsterdam implemented this way of reaching out:

SEALIFE Scheveningen

Kin Boat

4. Checkout copy changes 

Acting fast also means we conduct and enable the adjustment of the copy which guides our partners' checkout, to become more suited and contextual to the current and future developments, updates, and situations. 

Based on a partners' preference, this can also include changing the exit-intent to guide and inform the customer regarding the checkout changes and the status of the venue. 

Together; we are aware that if there is a time to act - it is now.
The 4 practices we briefed you with are only the beginning of what is possible to save more of your venue's efforts than you might have initially assumed. 

If you are struggling, we can also help you! 


Right now, we require support for one another, and this is why we are here to back you up.

Schedule a free consultation with one of our experts and get advice on how to manage your venue in these uncertain times. 

We are all in this together.