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Fun in German Theme Park ‘Fort Fun’ despite COVID-19

The past months have brought many changes to how venues such as theme & amusement parks operate and bring great experiences to their visitors  - but how did such venues actually manage their steps towards reopening? How are they approaching everyday operations now, and what can we expect from the future?

To get the answers, we talked to Dijamant Neziraj, Marketing, Sales & PR  Manager at the Fort Fun Abenteuerland in Germany.

He recaps with us how Fort Fun approached and mastered the challenges of the last few months and how they managed and experienced being one of the first parks in Germany to reopen after the lockdown.

If you wondered what made Fort Funs grand reopening so quick and successful - make sure to listen in now!

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Episode Overview:

  • Ride Review (00:46)
  • The venues’ perspective  (01:19)
  • Dijamant Neziraj from Fort Fun Abenteuerland Germany (01:46)
  • Fort Fun recap & comparison of Fort Fun before and after COVID-19 (03:31)
  • Fort Fun’s biggest challenge (04:38)
  • How Fort Fun stayed connected to their fans (05:35)
  • The most helpful tools through rough times (06:42)
  • Going digital - online ticket sales (07:47)
  • Creative campaigns (08:40)
  • Fort Fun’s grand reopening as one of the first theme parks (09:27)
  • Visitor feedback (10:27)
  • Heartfelt reopening stories (12:00)
  • What will the future bring for Fort Fun? (12:45)
  • Stronger together (14:17)
  • Access to more resources (15:42)




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Also want to start working with resellers?