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5 Tips on how to manage your crowds

Safe and predictable spread of visitors is now a necessity for the leisure industry. You need to prepare responsibly for visitors to come and enjoy a safe experience.

With Convious' Crowd Control you can prevent unplanned and unsafe surprises straight from the start of the customer journey.

What to expect in this eBook?

In this ebook you will find out how to:
  • Manage visitors spread by using our smart algorithms to ensure safe spread over hours, days, and months to prevent overcrowding.
  • Gain insights into your visitors, by seeing how many visitors are expected, and adapt capacity and staffing based on crowd predictions.
  • Move purchases online, encouraging upfront buys as much as possible via ​contactless payments.
  • Use advanced tools are available to ​communicate to your visitors at orientation, before, during, and after their visit.