3 ideas to keep your leisure venue’s cashflow running during lockdown

Lockdown; 8 letters that cause different businesses around the world a big headache. We have seen it with the COVID-19’s first wave, and we are reliving it again now in Europe. 

Since you probably have a lot on your plate right now, I am going to make this blog short and to the point by giving you 3 ideas on how to keep your leisure venue’s cashflow running, even if your doors remain closed.

1. Sell Gift Cards

As the holidays are approaching, what a better gift than a ticket, membership card or season pass to enjoy your venue once you’re back. The holiday season this year is going to look very different from what we are used to, and some families are going to celebrate together while distancing. If your venue is not offering this as an option, then you are missing out on a big revenue opportunity. Not to mention, you can keep this as a recurrent strategy, maybe only switching the designs of your vouchers based on the context: you can do it for the winter holiday season, but also for birthdays, summer holidays, Halloween, etc. A long-term world of endless possibilities!


2. Sell undated tickets

If the 1st COVID-19 wave has taught us something it’s that “this too, shall pass”.  If you have closed your webshop because of lockdown: BIG MISTAKE! Put it back live and start selling undated tickets. They are the best source to keep getting revenue flowing while your doors remain closed. In fact, this was one of the key best practices we, as the only eCommerce solution for leisure, learned back in March when we were fighting the unknown together with our partners. Now that we know, we can tell you with absolute certainty: selling undated tickets not only works but can also be a total life-saver! 

3. Ask for community support

There is nothing wrong with asking for help. Collect donations by asking your community to support your venue. We have seen the importance of leisure time during this pandemic, and your guests know the important role you play within their community. By enabling the possibility to connect donations directly within your webshop, you are allowing your most loyal fans to chip in during these difficult times and fight the high fixed costs that are inherent to any leisure venue. Moreover, you can gamify this experience, give out points, or create a whole story behind their donation that helps them stay connected to your experience and mission, as well as gaining a feeling of reward for helping a good cause. 

With these easy-to-implement ideas, you will be able to keep the cash flow running in order to support those fixed costs and get you through this rough patch. 

Don’t even know where to get started? Then you might just not have the right technology in place! But don’t worry, we can help you make that right.   We are offering a 30 min call where we can give you some advice on how to reduce your revenue losses due to the pandemic. 


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