Main Software 50 awards Convious “The Highest Growth 2020” award.


For the 9th consecutive year, the 2020 edition of the Main Software 50 was more competitive than ever. 

Main Software 50, is the renowned ranking of the 50 most successful Dutch software companies and is intended to increase the visibility of the Dutch software sector for the larger public, as well as reward software companies for their great achievements.

The Main Software 50 ranking is based on 7 key KPI’s that measure success for software companies: 

1) Absolute amount of revenues, 

2) Revenue growth (%), 

3) Recurring revenue (%), 

4) Cloud/SaaS contribution (%), 

5) Profitability, 

6) International revenue (%) 

7) Partner revenue (%). 

*Main Software 50 is composed and independently audited by Dialogic, an independent IT-research firm.

The Highest Growth award is won by Convious, specialised in providing e-Commerce SaaS solutions for leisure markets. 

The company was able to realise an explosive year-on-year revenue growth of >250% (!) towards EUR 6m in revenues, and therefore well deserves this award!


The key statistics of the Main Software 50 edition 2020 once more shows an overall improvement in the profile of Dutch software companies in terms of revenue growth (+21%), employment (+15%), productivity (+5%) profitability channels and contribution of SaaS revenue.

Check the complete Main Software 50 edition 2020 list here.


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