Convious is the Heavyweight Winner at Get In The Ring - Global Meetup 2018

May 2019

After beating over 250 startups and winning the Dutch edition of Get In The Ring last November, Convious won the Heavyweight Category at the Global Meetup in Cascais,  Portugal. Co-founder Kevin Westermeijer managed to convince the jury that public discounting should stay in the past and Convious’ A.I. Driven SaaS platform is the solution for companies to sell more directly to their clients.

Get in the Ring - Global Meetup 

Get In The Ring gives entrepreneurs the chance to pitch to investors, major multinationals, NGOs and governmental organisations. Get in the Ring takes the form of several worldwide events and battles giving start-ups numerous face-to-face opportunities to find customers and strategic partners to help grow their company.

Last week the Global Meetup brought together 150 prequalified startups from all over the 

world together in a 3-day event in Portugal. After the first round of pitches only two startups from each category (lightweight, middleweight and heavyweight) were classified for the Grand Finale beating over 1000 innovative companies worldwide. Convious won the Heavyweight Category.

Convious - #SellMoreDirect

Get in the ring 2

Kevin Westermeijer, co-founder of Convious, did a very straightforward pitch in a five-round battle. By exploring a simple way to explain such an abstract concept as dynamic pricing, Kevin explained Convious’ technology and made it easier to the audience understand the advantages of deciding their own price for tickets and admissions. With Convious everybody benefits. As a B2B2C platform, the artificial intelligence-driven technology makes sure that the customer journey is fully personalized and at the same time the merchants have full control and insights in the performance of the platform and their pricing strategy. Theme-parks, museums, aquariums, and now even hotels and sports teams can offer highly-personalized prices that take multiple variables into consideration and adapt in real-time.

Kevin: “Convious proves that personalization driven by artificial intelligence is a reality and that public discounting should stay in the past. By making a robust data-driven platform available for companies of any size. Being awarded the Heavyweight winner chosen by a jury of professionals and investors unlocked even more business opportunities. It was great being a part of this journey. ”

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