Convious welcomes Tom Benner as new CMO

April 2022

Welcome our new Chief Marketing Officer Tom Benner! 

Tom has worked at the cutting edge of marketing, sales and product management for over 20 years. His previous experience includes a focus on Cloud products and development of SaaS models for companies who were on aggressive growth paths and are now global market leaders.

He specialises in working with start and scale up businesses to ensure the correct ‘go to market’ strategies and processes are in place to get the desired results.

Tom PinkTom Benner, Chief Marketing Officer at Convious explains: 

“I am looking forward to bringing my knowledge from other sectors into the leisure and attractions industry. Convious is a company that is scaling and growing quickly, driven by evolution of the guest journey and the need to ensure a digital solution. I will be working to make sure we have the correct processes in place to support our partners and future prospects as they embark on the next phase of their digital transformation, guided by our expertise. I am happy to join and grow the digital native team and will make sure we have the right marketing strategy in place to bring our story & mission to life”. 

“Our mission is to enhance the experience for guests and streamline processes for operators simultaneously resulting in an enhanced experience for everyone.” 

A fun fact about Tom is that he has a family connection and affinity with the attractions and leisure industry, with one side of his family being heralded as the founders of the cinema business in Holland, and the other side having history running touring attractions. This includes supplying the original Stoomcarrousel at Efteling Theme Park Resort, Netherlands, which still bears the badge of his family name. 


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