Personalise your visitor experience with Convious

Leading eCommerce software platform and app innovator Convious has launched a new automated personalisation module which is allowing destinations to further enhance the customer journey with targeted messaging.

The new module is part of the Convious advanced automated marketing package. As part of the standard eCom webshop, it recognises where visitors are in their journey and tailors content accordingly to bring them the most relevant and delightful experience online.

When provided with consent, destinations can create profiles that group visitors into different audiences and deliver customised messaging which displays when they visit the website. This grouping can include first time visitors, repeat visitors who haven’t yet booked, abandoned carts and those who have pre-booked tickets and are revisiting the site in anticipation of their visit to check details such as opening times, closures or parking.


The Convious AI delivers the complete infrastructure to collect, sort and analyse visitor data, making it available in a responsive format via web and mobile platforms. This gives the ability to offer a truly unique experience online as well as during their visit. This also delivers operational benefits relating to quickly sharing mission critical information that will affect a visitor's visit.

The conversion specialists of Convious have also created a series of templates for 11 predefined audiences with more than 30 messages in four languages. The messaging and branding can be customised by each Convious partner so they can quickly get up and running.

Last year Convious had a short-term beta with a German partner that delivered significant results relating to conversion, revenue increase and overall visitor satisfaction. 


Vanessa Fagard, Product Manager at Convious explains:

“According to research, 76% of customers are tired of generic experiences and are more engaged when the content speaks directly to them, quickly meeting their needs at that given moment”. 

“By being able to offer visitors a more personalised experience, visitors find what they are looking for quicker and with ease. With customised calls to action, visitors are more likely to make desired decisions - a true win-win situation for visitors and destinations. We are proud to be able to offer this on a large scale for all partners because this is data-driven marketing made simple for everyone”. 


Convious is currently onboarding new partners. If you’d like to get in touch or find out more, click here:


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