Plopsa Group says “yes” to Convious for the next three years.

April 2021

The Plopsa Group and Convious have recently signed a strategic partnership for the next three years involving the 9 Plopsa parks across The Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Czech Republic, and Germany. Convious is the eCommerce platform for the experience economy that helps leisure venues digitize their customer journey from beginning to end, turning unknown web visitors into long-lasting ambassadors.

Both companies have been working together since 2018 and decided to renew the partnership until 2023. “We don’t see Convious as a regular supplier; we see them as an essential partner. From day one, they understood our goals and forged a relationship that ultimately made our guest experience better. It is not only about the great features they offer, but it is also about the team behind the technology.” Said the representative from the Plopsa Group. “We decided to extend our partnership because we are convinced that Convious’ technology and support are what Plopsa needs to keep growing and delivering the best experiences throughout Europe”

In a time where the entire experience economy has been forced to shift from offline to online,  The Plopsa Group remains optimistic in the use of technology to face the challenges. “Convious has been the strategic partnership we needed to navigate the uncertainty brought by the pandemic. We were able to embark last season prepared, with a special Crowd Control module that helped us regulate visitor spread. We knew who was coming, which day and time, and had total control. We also had special self-service features so our visitors could reserve a visit in advance, or easily change the date of visit. Especially in times like this, it is important to have the right technology.” said the venue. 

“We are thrilled to keep on working with such a renowned group as Plopsa. Our goal is to help venues connect with their visitors, not only in the venue itself but also before and after their visit. We are confident that data and technology can be the best allies when digitizing an attraction’s customer journey, and we are excited to help Plopsa do so while delivering great experiences and memories across Europe.” said Bernard Kochen, Sales VP at Convious.


About Convious 

Convious is the full-fledged eCommerce platform for the experience economy.  Working with more than 100 theme parks, zoos, indoor parks, ski venues, and museums and wellness centers throughout Europe, Convious aims to help venues convert anonymous website visitors into long-lasting ambassadors. Learn more at

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