How Crealy Theme Park & Resort Transformed Its Customer Service Journey

With more and more visitors purchasing their tickets online, Crealy Theme Park & Resort was facing difficulties with their visitors' online journey. With 60% of  their website traffic typically coming from mobile devices, they knew that their website needed some work. It wasn’t fully optimised and therefore it was affecting the conversion rate.
Since early 2023, they have started working with Convious and this has resulted in an improved experience for both their visitors and their team. Reduced manual work, more insights into the performance of their campaigns & website, as well as an increase in conversion rate were just some of the results they have been experiencing so far.

What to expect in this success story?

You will find out how Convious helped Crealy Theme Park & Resort:
  • Improve their visitors' digital experience
  • Achieve a huge increase in conversion
  • Provide a frictionless experience for their visitors
  • Find the right tools for the management of their business