5 Key digital trends for attractions

Keeping up with the latest trends is crucial to guarantee your attractions' success. This is exactly why our experts are here to share the main trends that will help any business in the Attractions Industry grow in 2023. 

5 Key digital trends for attractions

Wednesday 6 October


What to expect in this webinar?

Tune in with our experts Werner Dullmaier, Managing Director DACH, and Floor Rameckers, Country Director Belgium & Netherlands, to explore what are the trends that can help attractions move forward in 2023.

You will learn:
  • Where do you stand in the eCommerce maturity model?
  • How plan for the future so you can further in the Maturity Model?
  • How to use the latest eCommerce technologies including dynamic pricing, online booking, forecasting, personalisation?

Meet the host

Wener Dullmaier DACH Managing Director at Convious

Werner Dullmaier

Dullmaier has almost two decades of experience in the leisure and attractions industry. Coming from a marketing background, Dullmaier has worked in new economy internet and outdoor advertising businesses before joining Convious as the Managing director for Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

Floor Rameckers

Floor Rameckers

With a background in events and ticketing, Rameckers is using her previous experience in the online travel business to help attractions optimise their guest experience.

5 Key digital trends for attractions

Tune in with our experts and learn what are the trends that will help your attraction move forward in 2023.

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