Revolutionizing Recreation: Unveiling KC Wheel's Tech-Driven Success

Embark on a journey of innovation with KC Wheel's exclusive webinar featuring Randy Josselyn and Karyn Wilder from Icon Experiences. Discover how cutting-edge technology, including the indispensable Convious platform, played a pivotal role in Randy's lightning-fast setup of the park and Karyn’s operation of the KC Wheel. .

Revolutionizing Recreation: Unveiling KC Wheel's Tech-Driven Success

Wednesday 24 April

14:00 EST/ 11:00 PST/ 20:00 CEST -


During this live session, Randy and Karyn will delve into:

  • Harnessing Technology: Learn firsthand how they leveraged technology to streamline the setup process at KC Wheel, revolutionizing park management and operations.
  • The Convious Advantage
    Explore the significant impact of Convious and other technological solutions on KC Wheel’s  success story, offering insights that can transform your own projects.
  • Interactive Q&A: Engage directly with Randy and Karyn as he answers your burning questions and shares invaluable tips for integrating technology into your business strategies.

Meet the hosts


Randy Josselyn

Randy Josselyn is a seasoned entrepreneur with a passion for utilizing technology to revolutionize the amusement park industry. As the VP of Experiences at Icon Experiences, Randy talks about how the team behind the KC Wheel has led the company to success by implementing innovative solutions for park setup and management.

About KC Wheel:

Located at the heart of Kansas City, KC Wheel offers unparalleled experiences with breathtaking skyline views and versatile entertainment options. Rain or shine, KC Wheel is the ultimate destination for unforgettable moments.


Karyn Wilder

Karyn Wilder, General Manager of The St. Louis Wheel, has been delivering exceptional operational and financial leadership in the amusement industry for the past fifteen years. Most recently she served as the Corporate Director of Human Resources and Administration for Hawaiian Falls, a group of five water parks in North and Central Texas.

Working with each Hawaiian Falls property in the areas of operations, human resources, finance, marketing, and IT allowed Wilder to develop a strong appreciation for how these functional areas must work together to achieve optimal revenue fueled by an exceptional guest experience.

Prior to joining Hawaiian Falls, Wilder was a classroom teacher and principal at Lakeland Christian Academy (LCA) in Lewisville, TX. Karyn and her retired Army husband now live in Missouri. The Wilders have four children, 2 grandchildren and 2 fur babies.

Revolutionizing Recreation: Unveiling KC Wheel's Tech-Driven Success