Have face to face meetings

Final and last advice for both fully and partially remote companies: get together. Jump on busses, trains or airplanes and get some face to face time. It doesn't have to be spent working all the time, you have to have fun together. Go for a night out, go to some place warm and exotic, go to the beach!

I work as a fully remote developer for Convious. We are a truly distributed company, with people working in 5 different countries. And we love to get together! It helps our team. Time spent together is very valuable, use it wisely. After all, working together, even if from a distance, is a social thing.

Oh, we're hiring! Come join us if you love working remotely with the best kind people.

Note:  This blog post was initially published on Artis Avotins’ blog on January 30th, 2019.