10 ways Artificial Intelligence can help the entire leisure industry

Suppose you are the director of The Big Elephant ZOO. The park looks
perfect, you have a cool website. But HOW are you gonna make sure
people choose for your park and not for that nice tropical swimming
pool next door, an exciting amusement park, or just another ZOO in town?

You could do some more advertising or make nice new flyers. But why
not a bit more sophisticated?

It's 2018, time for Artificial Intelligence (AI). Yes!

The Big Elephant joins the movement, there you go!

Sounds complicated, don't worry though, we are here to advise you. If
we were to explain AI in just one sentence, then this was: recognising
patterns and developing algorithms based on these patterns that provide
efficiency and optimisation.

We give you 10 AI cases that The Big Elephant could implement,
ever thought about them?

They are not only there to attract customers, but also to keep them happy and get to know them better.


Increase your sales

1. Make site visitors a personal offer, based on their web profile built on
the fly;

2. Add a price bidding feature on your site;

3. Target people on social media the moment they check in at shops or
bars around your ZOO;

4. Gain more returning visitors by building personalised after sales email
campaigns based on guests’ behaviour during their visit (preferences and interests);

Reduce your costs

5. Answer questions from site visitors via a chatbot and reduce costs with customer service;

6. Adding flexible variables like weather, social media trends etc to your dashboards, so that you e.g. know how many staff to deploy;

Enhance customer satisfaction

7. Feeding every animal at the right time combining their eating patterns with the time most visitors come near to watch;

8. Crowd control in the park by offering different dynamic routes;

9. A Personal explanation at each animal spot based on personal interests;

Get to know your customers better

10. Offer visitors cool and educative games in the park, with the aim of collecting data.


Well, do you see the opportunities from reacting real time on data? That’s AI! Less long term analysis, more insights, more profit.

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