Consumer Behavior

The Art of Personalisation - Understanding your online visitors

You’ve probably heard this a thousand times: "It’s the Era of Information and the Digital Revolution". "We are living in a constantly..

25 min

5 ways dynamic pricing can help leisure fight COVID19

Uncertainty paved the bumpy road that we all staggered through this past year, and although we’ve made it past the finish line and..

23 min

Navigating the wave of COVID19 2.0: Adapt to the latest shifts in buying behavior.

12 min

3 ways to enhance guest experience in the Wellness industry

12 min

3 Email Marketing strategies to nail your Halloween Campaigns

12 min


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Leisure Trilemma: The sweet spot between capacity, revenue & experience

17 min

The problem with channels in leisure

10 min

The role of Leisure & Wellness in this 'new normal' (and its benefits for venues)

14 min

Price Sensitivity - 9 key factors for your pricing strategy!

16 min