3 ways mobile technology can improve ticket sales and guest experience

With the massive adoption of mobile devices, smartphones are becoming people’s favourite tool to navigate the web and book leisure activities. However, mobile technologies are relevant for the industry for much more than just that. They offer tremendous opportunities for attraction parks and other leisure venues such as zoos, museums or aquariums, to interact and engage with their customers in innovative ways.

Learn how to tackle the potential of mobile technologies for your business and make your ticket sales go through the roof by following these 3 easy to implement tips.

1. Optimize your website for mobile users. 

A website is more than your storefront window, it is also where you interact with your customers and get direct bookings. Now, if you know that a large majority of your customers visit your website via their smartphones, you must make sure that you also offer the best experience to the mobile user. During the entire customer journey, from the front page to the check-out, you can (and should!) implement mobile-specific tools to convert visitors into paying customers.


The good news is that there’s already many tools available in the market, which are oriented to improve customer experience and boost online engagement. At Convious for instance, we take an end-to-end approach, where we focus on conversion in all stages of the customer journey. Specifically designed for mobile, the Convious solution uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to optimize customer experience on your website – on all devices. Customers can then easily purchase tickets directly from their smartphone in just a few clicks.  


2. Prioritize mobile Search Engine Optimization

SEO helps search engines understand better what your website has to offer. That means when someone searches using a word or phrase related to your business, like, say, “roller coaster with a looping”, you’re more likely to appear in their results. With the explosion of mobile usage, search engines now also take under consideration the devices people use when they perform a search. Since July 2019, Google search engine indexes websites based on their mobile website version.

In other words, Google favors websites that are optimized for mobile and have the most relevant information. So, it is crucial for your online presence to have an optimized mobile website in order to appear on the top search. Because well, everyone knows there’s no better place to keep a secret than the second page of Google… If you want to stand out on top of the front page and attract more traffic to your website, your mobile website should contain unique, engaging, and relevant content.


3. Develop and adopt new mobile applications. 

It’s safe to say that almost every person visiting your attraction park or leisure venue carries a smartphone in their pocket, except if they took it out on a roller coaster and inadvertently dropped it... So, with that in mind, you can think of innovative ways to reach out directly to customers and improve their experience in the park.


Mobile applications can enable customers to book tickets online, guide them through the park, inform which rides have lower waiting times and much more. Actually, they are an outstanding tool to improve visitor engagement. They create a great opportunity to connect with each and one of them and gain valuable information in exchange.


How about using Augmented Reality or QR codes to give your visitor a deeper and innovative experience inside the park? Use the power of storytelling to keep them entertained while they wait in line! Or even better, offer mobile games linked to each of the rides so visitors can win points (that they can later exchange) and make their waiting time more pleasing. Why not give a discount to the highest scorer of the day for their next ticket? And now that we’re talking about adding a social element to this whole mobile experience… why not let your visitors rate and recommend rides for example?


There are plenty of ways mobile technology can improve guest experience, you just have to get creative! A good mobile strategy will certainly take your ticket sales to the next level. So, keep these tips in mind and make sure to have an optimized mobile website with engaging content.


If you are interested in setting up your mobile strategy right away and would like some support on the matter, we’ve got your back! We’d love to further explain how our product can contribute to your online success.

On the contrary, if you have already implemented mobile technologies into your business, we invite you to share your experience and views on the topic. Let’s keep the conversation going!