Convious on air: The latest Leisure & Tech News #4

#4 The 'New Normal' - with leisure industry expert Goof Lukken

Across Europe, we have seen several venues reopening successfully and others having to revisit opening plans all over again. We asked industry expert Goof Lukken to have a chat with us about the industry's adaptation process to something we call ‘The New Normal,’ the industry’s resilience, collaboration, and future impacts on visitors and their experience. 

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Episode Overview:

  • Introduction to our Guest: Goof Lukken (2:00)
  • ‘The New Normal’ defined & how it all started (4:17)
  • How leisure venues adapt to the ‘New Normal’ (9:19)
  • First reopenings - visitor demand & reactions (10:30)
  • Strong ties within the Industry launches recovery (16:10)
  • About travels & local tourism (17:56)
  • Positive effects & opportunities for leisure venues (19:56)
  • Governmental perspective & it’s setting (22:20)
  • Innovative mindset & adaptability (24:24)
  • Most critical & vital learnings from this crisis for leisure management (25:14)
  • Let’s stay positive! (27:00)
  • Resources for more information (29:24)

About Goof Lukken:
As the perfect example of a real trendwatcher and expert, Goof Lukken has been requested and featured by several dutch newspapers and channels including,, Telegraaf as well as RTL 4.
He is a senior lecturer for Attractions & theme park management, leisure and tourism at the Breda University of Applied Sciences. With a bachelor in management of leisure, Mr. Lukken started a life packed with unique and priceless industry experiences ranging from Marketing, and Communications Manager at Safaripark Beekse Bergen to freelance blogger, columnist and editor of several leisure magazines as well as starting and owning such a medium to share trends about leisure and tourism.


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