Convious on air: The latest Leisure & Tech News #5

#5 These Social Distancing technologies reopen venues

Thanks to the right measures and technologies to make them easily adherable, leisure venue reopenings are here!

In this episode, we are talking to Suania, Inbound Marketing Specialist at Convios, about those platforms and tech solutions specific to leisure. 

Together, we summarize and categorize the broad width of technologies we encounter in the industry, and those presented during the IAAPA Webinar ‘Social Distancing Technologies to Facilitate Reopening Attractions.’ We cover virtual lines, cameras, wearables, guest flow control, online tickets, and much more. 

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Episode Overview:

  • An overall insight (1:30)
  • Reopenings across Europe: the prominent solutions (4:49)
  • Convious at the IAAPA Webinar (8:44)
  • In-venue tech (12:03)
  • Surprising technologies (17:16)
  • Main takeaways (19:05)
  • Resources (22:19) 

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