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Convious Magazine New Edition

So many things happened in the past year, that we felt a new magazine was much needed! 

From the evolution of our platform, our team, us opening in new markets... Last year's edition already seemed so far. Which is why we got to work and created this new magazine together.

In here you will find in-depth information about our product, our proposition, our team and even a little surprise that we hid in these pages!


What will you find in this Magazine?

  • Before the visit

    Reach more people the right way
    Make the most of google things to do: for free!
    Stay top-of- mind with personalised marketing
    Make sure the price is right
    Streamline their journey
    Stay in control of your sales
    Manage all your sales channels with the Convious Switch
  • During the visit

    Stop struggling with your Point Of Sales
    Fine-tune the experience with upselling
    Hop into tap & have your own app
    Put a smile on their faces with Mobile Food Ordering
    Keep guests happier and safer with crowd control
  • After the visit

    Keep them coming back for more
    Make your visitors part of your brand's story