Convious and Pleasurewood Hills start a strategic partnership to institute the real-time pricing within the UK leisure market

May 2019

After the successful launch of real-time pricing in Germany, Convious, a SaaS platform for the leisure industry signed another strategic contract. This time with Pleasurewood Hills, the most loved family theme park in the East of England.

The UK leisure sector is quite sensitive at the moment. Researches show that consumers’ holiday budgets are decreasing, and yet, the demand for leisure remains strong. That’s why now more than ever before is the time to offer consumers favourable conditions. And that’s why the cooperation between both companies is bound to be a success.

“We couldn’t be more excited about this partnership,” said Convious’ VP of Sales, Bernard Kochen. “UK market provides perfect conditions to truly test and prove our pricing solution. And working with a park like Pleasurewood Hills, that had always been investing in its services and attractions as well as people, gives us the extra layer of satisfaction.”

Best price guaranteed when you book online is not just a slogan anymore

The real-time pricing solution (RTP) integrated within Convious’ platform runs on data-driven algorithms that can calculate an optimum price for both, the visitor and the venue. How it works? The calculation is set on specific venue goals which can vary from yield optimisation to visitor distribution. In order to reach the goal, the platform takes the known historical data and public factors (such as bank holidays) and combines them with relevant weather conditions and anonymous online visitors data to propose the potential price that will be both, attractive and beneficial for all parties.

“When we found out about the Convious’ platform we decided to give it a go almost immediately,” said Andrew Fuller, Marketing & Sales Manager at Pleasurewood Hills. “The application of algorithmic pricing offers incredible value for money for the customer. The first results with the software exceeded all our expectations”.


About Convious

Convious provides an AI-powered SaaS solution for yield and pricing within the leisure industry. The company’s data-driven software delivers a highly personalised online buying experience including revolutionary real-time pricing. Convious’ cutting-edge technology empowers the venue owners by eliminating their dependence on 3rd party resellers while boosting their direct revenue. 

About Pleasurewood Hills

Pleasurewood Hills is a family theme park located on the Suffolk Coast outside Lowestoft, the most Easterly town in the UK. Featuring over 35 rides, shows and attractions, Pleasurewood Hills is popular with fun lovers of all ages. The park features rides including the all-new Egg-Spress rollercoaster and East Anglia’s tallest thrill ride, the Wipeout Vekomma Boomerang, as well as the much-loved sea lion and parrot displays that have been favourites for generations. Offering something for everyone, Pleasurewood Hills is a popular day out for local families and the thousands who travel to the East of England to enjoy their holidays by the stunning coastline or in the beautiful local countryside. Pleasurewood Hills is a member of the Looping Group, a leading operator of leisure parks in Europe.