Convious receives Gateway Ticketing Certification

Amsterdam — Convious, a market leader in e-commerce solutions, proudly announces the successful certification of its platform by Gateway Systems®, Inc. the world leader in ticketing, admission control, and revenue-generating solutions within the attractions industry. This achievement signifies a pivotal moment for Convious, allowing Gateway customers to effortlessly incorporate the Convious e-commerce module for enhanced ticket sales capabilities.

gateway-logo-downloadGateway customers now gain access to Convious' state-of-the-art conversion optimization features, which include dynamic pricing, conversion-optimized widget, and convenient date changes. By selling tickets through Convious on top of the Gateway solution, partners can leverage this certification to initiate ticket sales through the Convious e-commerce module, delivering a user-friendly experience and optimizing the overall sales process.

One of the key advantages of this integration is the seamlessly storage and processing of all tickets sold through Convious within the Gateway system. This ensures a cohesive experience for Gateway customers, as ticket data seamlessly feeds into existing management and reporting features, providing a comprehensive overview of sales activities.


gijs-hendrix-head-of-product-at-convious"This Gateway certification is a significant step forward in our ongoing collaboration," expressed Gijs Hendrix, Head of Product at Convious. "We are excited to offer our joint customers a streamlined solution, enabling them to capitalize on Convious' cutting-edge features for superior conversion optimization."

The Gateway certification represents the initial phase of an expanding partnership, promising further collaboration and integration enhancements in the coming months. By incorporating Convious' conversion-optimized widget and checkout flow, customers can take ticket sales to the next level.


As the relationship deepens, customers can expect additional benefits and an enriched suite of features to elevate their ticketing and sales strategies.

Convious is committed to delivering innovative solutions, and the Gateway certification stands as a testament to the company's dedication to providing customers with tools that redefine their approach to e-commerce.


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