Convious launches real-time pricing for the leisure industry!

January 2019

Convious, the leading SaaS company for the leisure industry, announced today the release of Convious RTP - industry’s first real-time pricing solution powered by artificial intelligence (AI).

With the use of predictive analytics and AI machine learning, Convious RTP calculates the perfect price for industry’s related specifics, such as venue type, date, even time slots. Variables like historical data, scarcity, leisure calendar dates and weather impact are leveraged together with Convious’ proprietary “willingness to pay” algorithms that are derived from actual website visitors’ behaviour and metrics.

The outcome delivers an ideal real-time price for any ticket and to every customer.


“Since the day we started this company our aim has always been to help our partners to sell more directly from their own websites and eliminate their revenue dependency from third parties”, said Camiel Kraan, company’s CEO. “By offering a solution that is powered by artificial intelligence and runs on top of any existing website and eCommerce system we’ve proven to do exactly that without having to spend a lot of time and money to make it happen.” 

Now, the company takes it two steps forward. ”With the release of Convious RTP, we empower our partners with the optimization tool that serves the right price at the right moment to the right customer. Leisure and hospitality are totally different from airlines and hotels. The decision cycle, buying intent and customers' motivation are much shorter. That’s why basic dynamic pricing is just not what the industry needs”, continued Mr Kraan. ”Convious RTP makes public discounting a thing of the past. Its intelligence not only increases the overall conversion and revenue but also allows every customer to pay a price that is fair for both venue and visitor. “


Price optimization is one of the biggest challenges facing the leisure industry worldwide. With an overrun of external websites and affiliates combined with the constant pressure and demand of mass discounts, it is impossible for the industry to keep their costs under control while maintaining the optimal price level for their admissions.

Convious’ solution is rapidly changing the way venues can sell tickets through their own channels. With the use of machine learning and artificial intelligence, Convious converts more website visitors into customers without high commission costs. The software runs on any existing ticketing, booking or reservation system and takes only one line of code to activate.


About Convious

Convious provides an AI-powered SaaS solution for the leisure industry. The company’s data-driven software delivers a highly personalised online buying experience including revolutionary real-time pricing. Convious’ cutting-edge technology empowers the venue owners by eliminating their dependence on 3rd party resellers while boosting their direct revenue. 

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