Convious partners up with FORT FUN Abenteuerland and introduces the real-time admission pricing to German public

April 2019

In its international expansion, Convious, a SaaS platform for the leisure industry, joint forces with FORT FUN Abenteuerland, German regional attraction park welcoming around 300,000 visitors each year. Germany is one of the largest economies and most progressive markets in Europe so it feels like a natural match for pricing powered by Artificial Intelligence. 

Convious RTP is an algorithmic pricing model that uses historical data along with the real-time information to adjust the admission for each visitor. Fundamentally grounded in science, RTP eliminates the risk of price discrimination and other incompliant practices still very common in the leisure digital space.

RTP works in everyone’s best interest

“Real-time pricing is a solution we were waiting for”, said Andreas Sievering, CEO of FORT FUN. “It’s beneficial for our customers who get fair prices along with the best quality service and buying experience directly on our website. It’s beneficial for us, as we get to keep our brand integrity and the pricing strategy under full control whilst being able to remain competitive. And last, but not least, it establishes a healthy partnership model and pushes the whole leisure industry in the right direction.”


Speaking about the partnership, Convious VP of Sales Bernard Kochen said: “FORT FUN is a true market leader and the perfect partner for us, very forward-thinking and not afraid to use the technology in order to achieve their goals. This is exactly the kind of understanding that guarantees stellar cooperation.”

About Convious

Convious provides an AI-powered SaaS solution for yield and pricing within the leisure industry. The company’s data-driven software delivers a highly personalised online buying experience including revolutionary real-time pricing. Convious’ cutting-edge technology empowers the venue owners by eliminating their dependence on 3rd party resellers while boosting their direct revenue.


About FORT FUN Abenteuerland

FORT FUN Abenteuerland was founded 47 years ago. Visitors are not only attracted by the extraordinary rides, which are constantly being tested to the highest safety standards. It is also the location in the mountains within the heart of the Sauerland with its wooded surroundings that turns FORT FUN into something special. Around 200 employees work for the park and care about the well-being of the visitors. FORT FUN Abenteuerland is a member of Looping Group, a leading operator of amusement parks in Europe. It is the address for fun in Südwestfalen.