COVID-19 (3)

No fun without trust: How to regain trust upon your venue reopening

During the past months, every day was marked by uncertainty and confusion around how to act and what to expect. Forced to be patient,..

16 min

5 Key Digitalisation Strategies in the Leisure Industry

As with most other industries in the world today, digitalisation has become very important in the leisure business. While this can..

11 min

Convious on air: The latest Leisure & Tech News #2

4 min

Convious on air: The latest Leisure & Tech News #1

3 min

Staycations 2020 & their meaning for leisure venues

12 min


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Lessons learned: how leisure venues resume operations

15 min

NOT as usual: approaching a socially distant leisure industry

4 min

These 4 leisure venues are facing COVID-19 creatively

7 min

Multichannel selling: combining online and offline sales

8 min

Busy times at Convious: Our practices to help

6 min