NOT as usual: approaching a socially distant leisure industry

Right now, as Europe is still expecting a peak in the developments of the COVID-19 spread, its leisure industry is trying to cope with the measures necessary to ensure everyone's safety. Talking to our partners, and getting in touch with members of The Global Association for the Attraction Industry, we see the many serious implications the current situation has on venues. 

While we, as an industry, fight to survive this drought, we see venues in China resuming operations, and unfortunately, some of them also bouncing back to closing. 
One thing is clear; venues are not going back to business as usual. 

As there is a series of lessons we can take away from their practices, one stands out particularly. 
It is a lesson that will redefine social interaction and behavior and, ultimately, shape many aspects of how people and venues have to go about leisure in the future.

You probably already guessed it right: we are talking about social distancing. 

Until there is no cure or the human race does not prove itself to be immune to the virus, not only will governments restrict social interactions and activities, especially those involving crowds, but people will also not behave in a social context as they have previously.

Even if the stores, restaurants, and venues of all kinds are allowed to open again, and they eventually will, it won't be the same.

For now, it appears as social distancing is here to stay. 

How can the leisure industry get ready for this state?

How to resume operations respecting safety, the law, and societies' wishes, while ensuring your venue's survival at the same time?


The key is facilitating social distancing by crowd control

By controlling the number of visitors entering your venue, you will ensure that there is never a time of visitor overflow compromising their safety. 

If you think this sounds like limiting yourself, then consider this: don't simply restrict entrance, ensure you evenly spread your visitors throughout the day, the week and the month, and set dynamic prices according to the predicted spread.

Visitors will be steered to buy online and upfront once they know there is a capacity restriction. This will allow you to predict your visitor numbers, maximise your ticket sales, and ensure safety for everyone.

Meanwhile, your visitors will regain trust in the safety of leisure activities, and thus, your venue. 

This is why we are launching Convious Crowd Control. 
We can help you to facilitate social distancing in a smart way by managing your crowd with our AI algorithm.

Our technology will set the right capacity limits and time slots, adjust prices for maximum sales and income, and gain predictive insights into your visitors. We will equip you with the tools to communicate and guarantee safety to your visitors with Convious Crowd Control.

Now, you can prevent unsafe situations by ensuring visitors are spread over your venue and making up for lost opportunities by using the right technology now.


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