5 last-minute promotional ideas to boost your Christmas sales

Santa’s sleigh is already warming up and if you’re any similar to the average first-world citizen then you’re probably also struggling in the mission of finding the perfect christmas gift for your friends and relatives. 

New year, but same old story, right? Just a few days before Santa’s arrival you find yourself going crazy trying to find something original, practical, and well-prized that will put a big fat smile on that special someone’s face. 

Don’t worry, it’s not easy for any of us. And guess what? This also includes your own business’ target audience. I guarantee you that many of them are also struggling to find something unique and original to give as a christmas present. 

So my question is very simple: Are you offering it to them?

Is your park, aquarium, show, tour, event, museum, restaurant… offering something worth sharing for this special time of the year? 

As a venue provider from the tours & activities industry you are in a great position to leverage the rising trend of giving experiences over material gifts! 

Average annual personal consumption expenditure growthSource: US Bureau of Economic Analysis, McKinsey Analysis.

People, and specially millennials, seem to find greater value in living memorable stories rather than storing objects that they will get tired of after some time. Great memories with friends are kept in our hearts while material objects eventually get trashed or forgotten. 

So there was never a better time for you to shine! You just have to get a few things right:

1. Be seen. Put yourself (or better said, your experience) out there.
2. Make pricing your magic element (here’s how)
3. Adapt your offer to the specific christmas buying behavior. 

The good news is that nowadays, with the power of Machine Learning systems there shouldn’t be a lot of guessing involved in order to make these happen. In fact, you can pretty much ensure to hit the bulls eye if you leverage the power of your data! 

The good news is that nowadays, with the power of Machine Learning systems there shouldn’t be a lot of guessing involved in order to make these happen. In fact, you can pretty much ensure to hit the bulls eye if you leverage the power of your data!

At Convious we help you do just that by getting our AI-powered algorithms to work. Our advanced sales and marketing platform helps companies like yours grow their online sales and exposure by using Machine Learning systems that track and analyze your online visitor’s buying behavior. 

This enables you to reduce demand uncertainty, control your visitor spread, adjust prices to demand and so much more. 

If you’re interested in learning more, you can always visit our website, but today we’re here to talk about your christmas sales and how to successfully boost them.

Once you’ve got the above 3 key points straight, you need to promote your offer in the most attractive way.

So here’s 5 christmas promotional ideas your online visitors won’t be able to resist:

1) Bundle up! 

What’s better than a good Christmas present?  Multiple presents, duh! And what if they’re all related in a complementary way? Even better.

Well, that’s what you get with bundles. Whatever you sell, whatever services or products you have available, bundle them up! Bundles help the potential buyer choose, increase conversion, and also the average cart size. But more importantly, they offer the customer a more wholesome experience. 


2) Create Christmas Paid Ads Campaigns.

Around these times, there’s always a big increase in the search queries for keywords like “gift” “best gift ideas” or “Christmas presents” from all the uninspired last-minute shoppers. Then why not inspire them by appearing at the very top? Show them you’ve got the perfect gift experience for them by investing a bit of money in a paid campaign and get that traffic coming to your website. But not anywhere on your website...


3) Create a designated Christmas gift landing page!

The idea is to make it easier for your online visitors to solve this specific challenge they have. Give them an all-in-one visually attractive overview of all your best Christmas bundles, packages, and offers by creating a landing page oriented to conversion (don’t forget to add a big clear call to action!). Building a landing page doesn’t take huge effort and you can get a considerable return.


4) Before you promote, don’t forget to connect. 

Social Media is not only a great place for distribution and promotion but also an ideal compound of platforms to create meaningful relationships with your customers and share your values. Besides making a post or Instagram story about your awesome “Christmas winter wonderland dining experience” or your “Christmas gift vouchers for wellness” don’t forget to use this medium to encourage interaction, conversation, and above all, valuable connections. Complement your deals, offers, and promotions with strategies like building up a story or offering interesting or educational information through your content.

5) Be creative! 

Let’s be honest, people are a bit tired of companies spamming them with their promotions, flashy signs, and screamy voices this time of the year. 

Kalverstraat christmas shopping

We get it, Christmas is the perfect excuse to put your products out there and give your end-of-the-year revenue a little push. Totally valid. But instead of trying to scream louder than your competitors by bombarding your customers, be the one to have a distinct voice.

Instead of speaking louder, try different. Offer something original, unique. 

This time of the year is known for its magical and dreamy atmosphere. People want to be ”wowed’. For example, things like “12 days of Christmas” campaigns where you offer a different surprise for your visitors and keep them coming by tickling their curiosity tend to work very well. 

By implementing these last-minute techniques you still have a big chance of increasing your revenue before the end of the year, but most importantly, to offer your customers something they’ll remember you for. Unlike some pair of shoes or new designer purse you won’t be left in a shelf after some time, you’ll be kept in a special corner of your customer’s heart, and if you do it right, they’ll be impatiently waiting for next year to come back for more.