New features for Convious ‘Tap’ app as it reaches 500k downloads

November 2022

Leading eCommerce software platform and app innovator Convious celebrates reaching half a million downloads of its ‘Tap’ app, a guest experience app that provides a seamless and connected mobile experience to help improve the guest experience before, during and after their visit. 

The Convious ‘Tap’ app gives destinations the power to personalise each visitor’s experience and get closer to their guests, increasing reach and supporting revenue streams, all in one easy to manage control panel.  

With a personalised interface for each location, features include in-app messaging to deliver targeted upsell opportunities, GPS with geo-fenced in-venue crowd management, heat-mapping data, access capacity management and mobile advertising.

For the guest, ‘Tap’ provides the convenience of one single ‘e-wallet’ with automated AI powered ticketing integration, storing everything associated with their booking in one convenient location. Throughout the day visitors can order food, purchase merchandise, discover que waiting times in the ‘Waiting time manager’ and utilise the interactive map to plan their day.

Ronald de Groot, Product Owner at Convious comments: 

Ronald Pink“The ‘Tap’ app empowers leisure businesses to build a stronger relationship with their customers without them having to pour resources into building an app in-house, which costs money and requires extensive ongoing maintenance in order to keep improving the user experience.

“With so many apps available there needs to be a real benefit for downloading them to get this level of traction. By ensuring that our app solutions are designed with the guest in mind and have features to keep them engaged throughout their journey, we see less than a 5% deletion rate, which is very good compared to the travel industry average of 28% uninstalls.

“With a mobile app, you are directly in the pocket of your visitors which allows you to better interact and understand them. Our destination partners using Tap for mobile food ordering are seeing a transaction value increase of an average 25%.”

The ‘Tap’ app is continually being developed by Convious to include new features with no extra development costs for partners. As part of its new feature offering, destinations now have access to rich content blocks, with the ability to send personalised push notifications to their audiences, and easily switch between multiple site locations, optimising the opportunities for cross sales. 

For the consumer, the app can now store multiple ticket types making it more of a utility and a recurring need to use. Further developments are underway for new features within the Park Map feature, so partners can now include seasonal content, such as Halloween or Christmas, to personalise the experience even further.

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