Mobile Food Ordering 101: getting started in my attraction

These last few years, have been full of changes and uncertainties, and this has had a huge impact on the attractions industry, and..

12 min

No more queuing for food with Convious' Mobile Food Ordering

Convious, the leading eCommerce platform for the experience economy, launched this week their Mobile Food Ordering solution.

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The Art of Personalization - Understanding your online visitors

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6 tips to push your attraction's online sales (including infographic!)

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5 Security Questions to Ask Your eCommerce Supplier

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How to evaluate your current POS solution

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3 creative ideas for your app to create unique visitor experiences

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2021 at convious: a ride that never went down!

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Experiential Commerce and the impact it has on today’s modern visitor

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The ingredients of magic: 5 key learnings from Disney's Marketing Strategy

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How to make your venue & visitor experience smart

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How Millennials’ relationship with their mobile phones is fuelling the experience economy

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How attractions can use virtual queuing for a safe and smooth visitor experience

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