Customer Journey

2021 at Convious: a ride that never went down!

Looking back over 2021, we can conclude that it was an eventful yet successful year! For us, but also for the experience economy..

8 min

The ingredients of magic: 5 key learnings from Disney's Marketing Strategy

What is magic made of, you ask? No matter where in the world, everyone can recognize those big, black, rounded ears. Everyone knows..

12 min

How to make your venue & visitor experience smart

17 min

How Millennials’ relationship with their mobile phones is fuelling the experience economy

16 min

Rethink your attraction: Value creation through an end-to-end experience.

14 min


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Bridging experience and technology to adapt to a post-pandemic world

19 min

3 overlooked facts about the post-pandemic Experience Economy

10 min

The future of museums: Is your museum ready?

9 min

Navigating the wave of COVID19 2.0: Adapt to the latest shifts in buying behavior.

12 min