Erlebnis-Zoo Hannover partners up with Convious and becomes the first zoo in Germany to implement cutting-edge Real Time Pricing

Erlebnis-Zoo Hannover, one of the most popular and renowned zoos in Germany, has recently partnered up with Convious, the leading eCommerce platform for the experience economy, which already helps more than 100 venues and attractions connect with visitors and turn them into long-lasting and loyal fans. 

The partnership with Convious has allowed the popular venue to become the first zoo in Germany to apply a data-driven approach to their customer experience and pricing strategy, while helping them digitize  and gain control over their customer journey from beginning to end

"We have been collaborating with Convious not only to further develop our online distribution. With their software solution our "Species Protection Euro" which supports our species protection projects directly can be implemented very easily when purchasing tickets." said Andreas M. Casdorff, CEO of Erlebnis-Zoo Hannover. 


In addition, Convious’ proprietary dynamic pricing solution allows attractions to sell smartly based on different real-time market factors such as weather, demand, capacity, inventory, seasonality, data, and more. By combining the Crowd Control solution with Real Time Pricing, Erlebnis-Zoo Hannover and many other venues within the experience economy can ensure the optimal price both for them and their visitors, while avoiding overcrowding in their venue.  


We highly appreciate the dynamic pricing tool (real-time admission pricing) developed by Convious, as it creates incentives for our guests to enjoy their visit to the zoo away from the busy times or to save money through early planning”, said  Andreas M. Casdorff.


Increasing the overall revenue, not needing to rely on discounts on peak days, or spreading out visitors from the most popular days towards slower days throughout the week, are just a few of the benefits of combining dynamic pricing with Convious’ Crowd Control system.  


We are very excited to partner up with such a renowned venue as Erlebnis-Zoo Hannover. We are convinced our technology can help them deliver even better experiences to their visitors.” said Bernard Kochen, VP of Sales of Convious. “Dynamic pricing is posing an interesting and effective solution to all the uncertainty-packed challenges that our partners face these days, because it helps adapt to change and increase predictability. It’s definitely a low-hanging fruit that venues can capitalize on to gain a competitive edge and be more agile.” 


As a result, by implementing dynamic pricing along with Convious’ Crowd Control system, Erlebnis-Zoo Hannover has been able to navigate the current challenge of better-distributing visitors in order to ensure a safe and socially distanced experience in the venue. Time slots, flexible tickets and up-front check-ins are just some of the tools integrated within the system. 


Due to the current pandemic, there is a need to restrict access and ensure physical distancing, and Convious has helped us establish a Crowd Control system in a very short time that allows us to easily comply with that. We highly appreciate Convious’ expertise, customer orientation as well as speed of delivery and implementation,” said Andreas M. Casdorff.

About Erlebnis-Zoo Hannover

Erlebnis-Zoo Hannover is one of the most popular zoos in Europe with over 1.1 million guests annually. More than 2,000 animals live here in unique themed worlds from Africa to Canada, which are modeled on the natural habitats with great attention to detail. Exciting edutainment stations provide information about the Zoo's species protection projects and invite you to get to know the animals and their biology in a memorable way. Adventure playgrounds and extraordinary gastronomy in individually themed areas make a visit to the Erlebnis-Zoo Hannover an amazing experience for all ages. 


About Convious 

Convious is the full-fledged eCommerce platform for the experience economy.  Working with more than 100 theme parks, zoos, indoor parks, ski venues, and museums and wellness centers throughout Europe, Convious aims to help venues convert anonymous website visitors into long-lasting ambassadors. 

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