How Burg Hohenzollern won back local visitors with the help of Convious

Castles and museums face some unique challenges when it comes to attracting visitors. Especially for smaller museums like ours, which focus on one specific topic, it can be difficult to appeal to a wide range of people. Many museums are also hesitant to experiment with new ticket sales models, like an online ticket shop, timeslot booking and crowd control, because they usually want to simply sell as many tickets as possible.
When Burg Hohenzollern learned about Convious, they quickly realised that it met all their requirements in terms of features and user-friendliness. In short, it was the ideal solution to launch their online ticket store, help them manage crowds and keep their museum thriving.

What to expect in this success story?

You will find out how Convious helped Burg Hohenzollern:
  • Reinvent their winter holiday program
  • Achieve a huge increase in conversion, with €30,000 in additional sales
  • Reach a 20% increase in visitors
  • Find the right tools for the management of their business