CRO - Conversion Rates Optimization (2)

From art to science: pricing revolution within the leisure industry

  It happens to be my good day, so I’m going to spare you all the definitions. Why would you care anyway? Anyone who went to school..

11 min

10 ways Artificial Intelligence can help the entire leisure industry

Suppose you are the director of The Big Elephant ZOO. The park looksperfect, you have a cool website. But HOW are you gonna make sure..

3 min

5 last-minute promotional ideas to boost your christmas sales.

7 min

What we learned at this year's ITB and what's in it for you!

15 min

The Art of Personalization - Understanding your online visitors

26 min


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The Ultimate Guide to ITB Berlin 2019

20 min

Why you should be continuously AB testing your website

7 min

How can habit-forming products increase conversion rates

6 min

How can a culture of growth influence conversion rates?

7 min

Five ways to optimize conversions by fighting cart abandonment

6 min

5 Strategies for Conversion Optimization

5 min

How to convert more visitors with data-driven exit-Intent messages?

4 min

AI 101: Artificial Intelligence for Marketing and Sales Professionals

10 min